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1D Stuart Street

Project Brief

The construction of this pristine 4 x split level home for Julian and Lyn was such a fulfilling and thrilling experience for us. The luxurious and modern design is perfect, with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms that can easily accommodate all members of the family. To top it off, there’s also a custom concrete lap pool to enjoy in the warm summer months.

The use of zero maintenance engineered composite timber externally adds an extra layer to its beauty while color-bond and compressed concrete fibre wall cladding systems make sure that this hillside gem will be looking good year round – rain or shine.

With a sauna included too, this home has everything necessary for spa treatments and relaxation.

Obstacles We Faced

Working with the client to create a space that was both functional and aesthetically pleasing, we had our work cut out for us.

The site of this project was not a simple hill, but rather one that had steep inclines and rocky outcrops. So, it required careful coordination to ensure safety while the excavation process took place.

Our team faced many challenges when it came time for the construction of this house, as although it was in an urban setting nature still had plenty of obstacles for us. The sloping terrain proved challenging enough with also having to deal with rock below ground level – thankfully our experienced team are experts at preparing difficult sites and we got out of the ground quickly and efficiently.

Gabion rock basket walls were also used as site retaining walls. These turned out to be a great alternative to the norm and became a feature of the this true Luxury Custom Home.

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