We Design & Build Luxury Custom Homes for Families in Townsville

29 Bourke Street

Project Brief

One of the most satisfying projects we undertook recently was building a beautiful custom home for our clients Alex & Jodie and their young family. 

We get excited assisting our clients with their building journey, however with this project there was an added sense of accomplishment because it turned out better than either they or we could have imagined! 

The first step required with this project was to remove the existing residence and concrete swimming pool completely so that the new construction could begin. 

Once our walls were up and roof on, we installed brick facing around selected external areas amongst other features including a smart pod reinforced turf driveway leading to the massive double garage. The innovative attention to detail not only created amazing street appeal but also ensured durability against the harsh northern Queensland weather conditions too.

Our team were extremely proud to build this 5 bedroom 3 bathroom custom home project that also included a one of a kind semi inground-above ground, curved off form concrete swimming pool.

Obstacles We Faced

The project had many challenges, including a sandy site with a high water table. These difficulties were overcome by the team’s custom home experience and ability to innovate when needed.


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