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Building with the professionals

Building your home is one of the biggest financial investments you will ever make, we respect that and take this very seriously. With hundreds of builders in the local area, it can be confusing knowing which builder to choose. The right builder will give you the exact home you want – on time and on budget. But the wrong builder could leave you with a costly disaster you’ll regret for years.

The first thing you need to know are some of the key differences between a professional luxury custom home builder and project home builders. Have you ever dealt with a company that made you feel more like a number rather than a valued client? Or like you’re suddenly no longer important once you sign on the dotted line? We consistently hear these types of complaints from people who choose a project home builder.

Despite handing over hundreds of thousands of dollars, they feel forgotten, unimportant, and even ignored. Some volume builders won’t return or even take their phone calls through the build! Naturally, not all project home builders treat their customers like this, but if you’re trying to build tens and sometimes even hundreds of houses at once, it’s no wonder that the quality of their service often suffers.

On the other hand, here at Live Construction we remain focused on a small number of homes and we’re not distracted trying to juggle hundreds of projects at once. That means you get the personal attention you deserve, after all, there’s a lot of money at stake. You’ll feel comfortable knowing that as a professional luxury custom home builder Live Construction are focused on delivering your home on time and on budget.

Not only do we maintain good communication with you, we pay attention to the details. We focus on customising the little things that turn a house into the home you’ve always wanted…

Things like the extra ceiling height that gives your home a spacious, relaxed feel. The position of windows to maximise light and air flow. Internal walls and partitions to connect each room giving a seamless flow, and the extra little touches that make your home uniquely yours – matched to your lifestyle and personality.

Project home builders are bound by standardised plans that maximise profits and building capacity. They produce very similar houses like a factory assembly line and they specialise in churning out cloned products. If you drive through any new housing estate, you will get a sense of this cookie-cutter approach.

When you look at a project home more closely, you’ll soon notice where corners have been cut and compromises made all in the name of efficiency. If you’re looking for the cheapest possible price, a cloned design with no customisation or special features, and you don’t mind having no interaction with your builder during the building process, a project home builder may be the right choice for you.

But if you want to build with an experienced professional who takes pride in the small details, a builder who can help you add those special touches to your home while sticking to your budget, and someone who follows a schedule, keeps you up to date on the progress, and is always available to answer questions…

Then contact Live Construction so that we can help you on your building journey.

To get the exact home you want, delivered on time and on budget, complete with those special features that turn your vision into your dream family home, it’s worth talking to the professionals at Live Construction - Townsville's Luxury Custom Home Building Specialists.

Our Happy Clients


We have engaged Darrell Gribble and the team at Live Constructions on several projects. They have completed a renovation and extension of our Medical Clinic and just recently Live Construction built our family home.

This was no easy task due to the high level of finish we were after. Nothing was too hard and the team made it happen. Darrell and his team are highly professional and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Live Construction.

Josh & Monique


I engaged Liveconstruction to build a high-end residential home on a sloping site. Compared to a number of major renovations I had commissioned in the past in Townsville, this build went extremely well. Communication with Darrell was always clear and respectful and any issues were quickly resolved.

We are very pleased with the quality of the build and the home we now enjoy living in. Darrell always plays the long game: he doesn’t cut corners and he stands behind his work. I was sufficiently impressed with the experience of working with Darrell, and the quality of the outcome, to start a development company with him.


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