We Design & Build Luxury Custom Homes for Families in Townsville

Design by Collaboration

Did you know that 80% of architectural plans never come to fruition? Why is that? An architect focuses on what a home will look like in the end. The design basically. The problem is, they rarely factor in the costs, so what you end up with is a design that is just too expensive to build.

When you think about it, architects are trained and paid to be visionaries. They live to create the ‘perfect house’, after all that’s what they get paid for. But in their aim to achieve that, they often forget or ignore the practicalities of building and how much extra time and money different design elements may take and cost.

Practicality is the first thing Live Construction think of, we constantly question if and how we can do it for you. The reality is that architects get paid for the design they create, whether their clients use it or not. With a few small tweaks to the yesteryear process of engaging an architect yourself and hoping for the best with regards to the build cost, you can achieve the same design result for a build that will cost a lot less money.

With Live Construction you get the best of both worlds by working collaboratively with us and our architect together. This results in a design tailored to your specific tastes and requirements completed within a practical and affordable budget. Our design team also consists of our engineering consultants, interior designer and more.

Our design teams focus is on you, your vision and your budget. Another benefit is that you don’t have the burden of engaging and managing all of these consultants separately, we co-ordinate and project manage the design for you under your instruction.  

Our Happy Clients


We have engaged Darrell Gribble and the team at Live Constructions on several projects. They have completed a renovation and extension of our Medical Clinic and just recently Live Construction built our family home.

This was no easy task due to the high level of finish we were after. Nothing was too hard and the team made it happen. Darrell and his team are highly professional and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Live Construction.

Josh & Monique


I engaged Liveconstruction to build a high-end residential home on a sloping site. Compared to a number of major renovations I had commissioned in the past in Townsville, this build went extremely well. Communication with Darrell was always clear and respectful and any issues were quickly resolved.

We are very pleased with the quality of the build and the home we now enjoy living in. Darrell always plays the long game: he doesn’t cut corners and he stands behind his work. I was sufficiently impressed with the experience of working with Darrell, and the quality of the outcome, to start a development company with him.


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