Everything You Need To Know About Our Design Service: Explained in 4 Simple Steps

When you’re looking to build a custom home, the very first step is finding the right company that can help you create a home design that is perfect and feasible for your needs and budget.

While there are many options to choose from, finding the one that’s the right fit for you can be a big challenge. This is the main reason why we’ve created this blog post to help you get super clear on what path to go down when designing your home.

First speak to a builder, not an architect

Most people assume that the first step in building a custom home is to find and speak with an architect. In reality, the first step is actually speaking with a professional builder who offers design and cost planning as part of their service.

The reason for this is that professional custom home builders are the ones who have the experience and knowledge to help you create a home design that is both feasible and within your budget. Architects, on the other hand, often provide a design without enough consideration of constructability and cost. 

Architects have limited knowledge of construction costs which means they often create a design that looks beautiful but costs way more than it should, leaving you frustrated and disheartened.

That’s where our design service comes in. We can create a home design that is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and feasible to build. Our experienced builders then turn that design into your luxury custom dream home, all within your budget and a set timeline.

The Process: How our home design service works

Our custom home design service is a comprehensive solution that helps you plan and execute your building project from start to finish. We provide everything from initial consultations and feasibility cost planning to full architectural and engineering design documentation, as well as project management and coordination of our trade contractors.

Here’s our entire process from start to finish, ensuring that your luxury custom home is designed and built to your exact specifications:

1) Introduction & Client Brief

Your first experience with us will be a friendly no obligation meeting with a building professional.

We structure these meetings to ensure we get all the information that we need to best assist you. We discuss your project and ideas as well as how our design and build process ensures you stay in control of your building journey.

2) Concept Design and Cost Planning

As a professional builder we fuse your design vision with practical building experience to save you thousands of dollars.

We’ll prepare Concept Design drawings based on your design brief. We then provide you with a detailed line by line Cost Plan to determine the project budget prior to you committing to full architectural and engineering drawings.

3) Preliminary Building Agreement

We add more detail and action our full team of design consultants to put together your construction ready drawings.

With your approved concept design, we’re able to prepare your Preliminary Building Agreement. This agreement allows us to finalise all the construction documents required for full building approval. Further, you’ll engage with our interior designers who’ll assist you in completing the selections of your finishes, fixtures and fittings. Your construction costs are then updated and confirmed enabling us to present you with a true Fixed Price Quotation to build your home based on your final construction ready drawings and inclusions.

4) Fixed Price Building Contract and Approval

No hidden cost, no grey areas, a signed promise to deliver your Luxury Custom Built Home as per your requirements and expectations.

We present you with a genuine Fixed Price Contract proposal to build your Luxury Custom Home with everything covered. There is no “guestimation” or use of Provisional Sums (PSs) and Prime Costs (PCs). From your tile selections, joinery finishes, door handles and beyond we have every dollar accounted for so there are no surprises down the track.

That’s it! You are now ready to start your  luxury custom home that will be built by our team of experienced professionals.

How to get started on your project?

If you are planning on designing or building your dream custom home in Townsville and want it completed within the agreed time frame and without any unexpected costs, then contact us today at 07 4724 1964 or you can book a 30-minute free consultation with me via the link below.

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