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Building Wellness – Construction Elements

This Blog looks at the construction process and the impact it has on overall personal and building wellness.

Organisations such as the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) have made inroads in this area over the years, but the extent of the impact generally remains at the institutional end of town. Whilst National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) requirements have now been enforced by legislation for property over 2,000m2, how do we bring some of these concepts into the mainstream?

Firstly there is always an immediate perception that all these elements are cost prohibitive. Although I agree that most elements are factored in when you don’t have economies of scale, as with all things varied components will bring added value….if combined with a strong marketing campaign that highlights their benefits and outcomes in terms of operational savings and increased property value.

Some of the elements include –

  • Construction materials

- Sustainable Timbers and materials

- Concrete supply process

- Steel production process

- PVC Minimisation

- Volatile Organic Compound minimisation

  • The production energy footprint of materials used

  • Maximisation of landscape elements

  • Hot Water Production Units

  • Energy Production materials

  • Energy Storage

  • Façade Engineering to minimise mechanical ventilation

  • Lighting types

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