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Building Wellness – Design Vision

Sounds all a bit New Age but there is a consequence of ignoring this shift in design thinking.

There are 3 separate but integrated areas when we talk about building “Wellness” that impact the overall wellness of a building and its inhabitants. Those areas are -

1. Design Vision

2. Construction Elements

3. Operational Monitoring

Design Vision is a loose term that can mean many things. In relation to Building Wellness, there needs to be an understanding of personal wellness and the evolving nature of the work environment.

Unfortunately some people automatically associate this vision with increased cost, but it doesn’t need to be this way. If you look at this from a personal wellness perspective, there are many areas that designers can incorporate that are not necessarily cost prohibitive. Some of these areas can include –

• Fresh air access

• Natural light corridors

• Incorporation of green visual spaces

• Open planning

• Relaxed meeting spaces

• And many other elements

We’ve completed many new office fitouts in recent times that are incorporating these features, and it is usually the client who is driving this type of design as they are the ones who understand that the personal wellness of their staff has a direct correlation to the “Wellness Vision” of their internal work spaces that ultimately converts to increased productivity and staff retention.

In time this philosophy will become commonplace in the building industry…or at least those who resist will be left behind.

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