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Building Wellness – Operational Monitoring

Our final Building Wellness Blog looks at the Operational Phase of the property life cycle.

The area of Operational Monitoring is growing exponentially because of two factors –

1. The concern for personal health (read productivity) of workers; and

2. The advancement in technology

Building Management Systems (BMS) already have the ability to monitor and change air-quality, control lighting lux levels and change levels of natural light penetration, as well as maintaining the heath of natural green spaces within buildings. But one of the great breakthroughs that is within 5-10 years away from commercial reality, is the monitoring of an individuals’ health during the working day. This might seem like Big Brother is watching, but it is a reality that has already passed the test phase and is being trialled in some major corporation offices around the world. It has the ability to monitor things like blood pressure, fatigue, and oxygen levels, and then to adjust the environment accordingly through the BMS. But the real big step in this system is the monitoring of personal health including blood pressure, heart health, cholesterol and other individual health issues. This is happening by linking the individual to the BMS system through various methods and providing a live read of an individual’s health at any one time.

This is not fanciful and is being trialled now and don’t misunderstand that in an increasingly competitive investment market, these type of BMS will become the norm.

Remember air-conditioning was once considered a luxury item…..

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