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Feasibility Checklist

Following is a Checklist to use when you are completing a high level Feasibility Analysis on a project. Initial feasibilities are generally based on industry averages and the Development Manager should have their own up to date research on all inputs. As the project progresses each of the input items must be firmed up by formal quotes and design analysis.

At Live we and our team of consultants work closely with developers to deliver outcomes from initial feasibility, financing options, town planning, construction and beyond.

Have you got your project covered?


  • Purchase price or value

  • Stamp Duty and Acquisition costs

Due Diligence Costs

  • Specialist consultant risk reporting

Town Planning Costs

  • Architect

  • Infrastructure review

  • Town Planner

  • Traffic & Acoustic Engineers

Design costs

  • Architect

  • Civil & Structural Engineer

  • Electrical & Mechanical Engineer

  • Hydraulic Engineer

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Geo Tech Engineer

  • Landscape Architect

Authority costs

  • Council planning approval fees

  • Operational Works and Plumbing Approvals

  • QBCC fees

  • Infrastructure Charges

  • State Government fees

  • Referral agency fees

  • Portable Long Service Levy

Construction Costs

  • Build cost

  • Infrastructure upgrades including Power

  • External works costs

Finance Parameters

  • Valuation

  • Interest rates

  • LVR parameters

  • Equity required

  • Loan Establishment Costs

Other Costs

  • Development and Project Manager

  • Quantity Surveyor

  • Surveyor

  • Holding costs – Rates, Land Tax, Insurance

Residential Sales

  • Sale pricing

  • Sale rates

  • Commissions

  • Incentives

  • Margin Scheme Provisions

  • Marketing budget

Commercial Sales

  • Rental

  • Outgoings

  • Lease Term

  • Cap Rate

  • Sale and lease commissions

  • Incentives

  • Marketing Budget

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