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Project Outcomes

The final outcome for a project is all too often simplified to its’ financial return. There is ALWAYS much more to the Stakeholders Vision than this. Financial return cannot come at the expense of reputation and future opportunity…..although unfortunately there are many, especially in the building industry, who run this business model.

The Project Vision is essentially a business Vision Statement that is applied to an individual project. Remove the financial return component and then ask your stakeholders what they want to achieve and why they are doing this. There can be many stakeholder visions for the project including –

• Developing a long term reputation for reliability and service

• Affordability for the end buyer/user

• Sustainability and energy performance

If you are finding it difficult to identify any Vision other than financial, then identify who your end buyers/users are, and identify what they would want from your product and service. Their satisfaction will drive the financial returns, and their requirements will become the Vision for the product.

It is important to understand the Project Vision and the Stakeholders’ motivations, as it is these high level parameters that will dictate how you make decisions on Risk, Time, Scope, and Cost throughout the project.

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