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Project Quality Management

Before you can manage project quality, firstly you have to clearly understand what it means to that project. It’s not necessarily all about “how it looks”.

The first step in managing quality is to have a very good understanding of what your client perceives Quality is in their project. You will be amazed at how very different this can be between clients.

This doesn’t suggest that traditional understanding of quality (the aesthetic of the final product) is overlooked, however if for example you are working on a high end Green Star rated building project which is utilising items such as recycled concrete and timbers in the structural elements, then quality becomes very much about the sourcing of this material, the environmental footprint, and the structural integrity. You can’t necessarily see these items but they are the basis of what this project is all about.

Of course finishing quality and minor defects should never be compromised, they are simply added to by understanding what really motivates your client.

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