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Sustainable construction isn’t a topic that is often discussed by developers. 

The importance of sustainable buildings becomes apparent when an asset turns into a longer term investment, and only then do the developers begin to understand the benefits sustainable construction.

So why aren’t all buildings built to save money and the environment over time?

The simple answer is Capital Cost.

It costs more to use better quality and longer lasting products, and it costs more to implement measures that will save on operating costs in the long term.  Of course, the aim of the developer is to reduce capital costs so as to maximise return on equity.  Unfortunately striving for the lowest common denominator is what our economic system has dictated.  But at what cost?

Undervaluing Green Building requirements are a prime example of short term cost cutting at detriment of long term saving, however with the right approach we can find middle ground with regards to feasible and sustainable developments and construction in general by way of:

  • Exploring new materials that will provide enhanced operating efficiencies

  • Technology in Building Management Systems

  • Simple structural efficiencies

It is encouraging that our society is increasingly becoming far more conscious of the impact we have on the future, especially in the areas of energy costs and health related issues, and hence the value of incorporating these elements is growing exponentially.

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