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Win/Win Deal Making

Sadly there are many people in not only the building industry, but in business in general that measure the success of a deal by who won and who lost. Some people have made it into an art form, and some people have even written books on how to win and make sure the other side loses.

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as Win/Win deal making…

Collaborative deal making has a few critical rules –

  1. Where you can, deal only with people you trust and those who bring solutions not problems to the table.

  2. Take the time to understand the issues that are important to the person you are dealing with. If you can find out what it is that “floats their boat” then you have the key to the deal. BE VERY AWARE that the other person will rarely tell you, because it is often intangible. You will be surprised time and time again when you get to the heart of what it is they really want.

  3. Accept that not everyone shares your Collaborative vision. There are people who would like to do a Win/Win deal but don’t know how to get there, and there are others who are simply looking for any advantage they can get.

Even with the toughest opponent, you should be able to reach a deal that meets your minimum requirements. If not…then be prepared to walk away, life is too short to deal with unprincipled people.

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