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Live Construction

How it all started.

The motivation to start Live Construction was that for too long I’d seen families being misled, not getting what they paid for and receiving inferior service. So in 2010 Live Construction was established to fill a gap in the market between volume project home builders and builders running their business out of the front of their work utes.

I knew there would be risks, however with the support of my wife we pushed on with a goal and mindset that if we’re honest, transparent and delivered exceptional service and quality then we’d find our place in the market despite the effects of the Global Financial Crisis kicking in at the time.

Humble beginnings

Our place in the market started with our very first clients, Brett & Sue-Ellen who had a young family that needed room to grow. So our first project was a large remodel and extension overlooking Strand Park in Townsville. It was a great project to start our journey and they’re still there enjoying their home and location to this day.

The challenges

We quickly gained a reputation for quality work and service and our business began to grow. What I discovered the hard way was that I couldn’t do everything myself. I spent years doing all of our estimating, contract administration, site supervision and project management so as to maintain the high standards that we had set.

I hit burn out and our business plateaued. You see from starting as an apprentice carpenter I’d worked on everything from luxury homes to high rise buildings. I had all the technical building knowledge but I wasn’t smart enough to realise I couldn’t do it all on my own.

The break through

I turned to mentors who had run their own successful businesses, one in the building industry and one outside of building. Both John and Phil pointed out that for me to deliver our services effectively I needed quality people in strategic positions in my business and to embrace technology and systems. Phil particularly noted that no matter how great your team are they need direction, leadership and sometimes tough love to ensure we could continually deliver a high level of service and quality work….and always, always keep your finger on the pulse of the business.

The above and some other early setbacks helped shape Live into to what it is today. Nowadays I have an amazing team that work hard to ensure that our clients building journey is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Also by implementing systems and the use of technology and software we can run our projects extremely efficiently and provide our clients 24/7 access as to where things such as their project progress and budget are at, right at their fingertips.

Darrell Gribble

I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have had my family, great mentors and an amazing staff working with me in support of delivering exceptional value, quality and service to our clients. I have a lot to be thankful for, I get out of bed every morning and still love what I do. Come and build with us, you'll love it too...

Darrell Gribble, Managing Director

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